Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Emotional Meeting

"Ah. My darling little Angeline," I cooed.

The boss, as they called her, came in the room quietly. She motioned us to sit, and we did.

She was acquainted by her little group of body guards, of course. The man still didn't seem too sure about us being anywhere but their little cell, but seemed a little more at ease with the boss there. The boss looked very powerful, and I wouldn't want to be on her bad side.

"So what brings you here to the base?" she asked.

"My father," I asked.

"And who is your father?"

"Blake Ashen." The woman's facial expression seemed to go cold.

"I've heard of him," she said casually.

"How?" I asked.

"Never mind that. What does he want with you?"

"Well. I started sneaking out to see Logan, because I love him. My dad has always known that I didn't hate humans, but tried to persuade me anyways. My relationship with Logan simply made him aware that it wasn't working, so he wishes to rid me of Logan and kill me off. He views me as a disgrace to our family name," I said.

"I see, and what do you want with us?" she asked.

"Protection. The Scarlet Snake is a very powerful organization, and protection is better in numbers."

"Lisa, Louis, step aside. They're family now," the boss commanded. They looked at her skeptically, but honored her decision. Then she turned her attention back to us.

"If you're going to live here, would you do us the honor of becoming one of us? Your mother was a very powerful and prized woman of the Scarlet Snake. It would be best to have one of her own with us," she said. I nodded. She smiled and handed me my mother's things. "Since you're a vampire, we know you're strong, but we would like to train you in the arts in case you are attacked by those more experienced than you."


"So how do I look?" I asked.

I decided to change my look for what would be my new lifestyle. I pulled my hair back, revealing my mother's earrings that she once wore to show her membership in the Scarlet Snake. Usually, trainees aren't allowed to wear snake earrings or the arm band, but in this special case they allowed me to wear her earrings. I also wore my very own snake bracelet that trainees wore. I was Victoria Dragomir now, and it was time to show it.

"Logan?" I called again.

"Dayum," he snickered. I laughed.

"Oh, close your mouth."

"Yes, ma'am!" he said.

"What does Mommy's girl think?" I asked and held her in the air, laughing and giggling with her.

"Babe?" Logan said, suddenly turning my attention to him.

"Huh?" I asked.

"You need your energy."

"Yeah, so?" I asked.

"I know you haven't had any blood lately, and you're weak . . You need it."

My eyes widened at what he was suggesting. "NO."

"Victoria. Please.. for me," he pouted.

"I can't even believe you would ask!" I shouted.


In the end, he got what he wanted.

I could finally train. Louis says I'm catching on fast.


CUTENESS. I couldn't resist!

Angeline as a toddler ^-^



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